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19 year old Alex from the UK. I'm a university student in Manchester and I once ate an entire pizza. Like, I was so proud of myself. It wasn't a normal fucking pizza either, this shit was like 13 inches. I think it was a pepperoni one.

bragi-johnson said: Hahaa! It’d have to have a soundtrack of really sappy music and really prolonged close up shots. Done exactly like a normal rom-com but with a dog

I want the dog to be a talking dog though. And I want him voiced by Morgan Freeman.

"I love this girl, dog."

"Stfu and throw me a stick."

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'Trousers, Jacket, Backpack'.

One 2 One - More 2 Say Campaign, 2000.

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bragi-johnson said: manic pixie dream dog, makin’ your angsty dude protagonist’s life fulfilled, teachin’ ‘em to have fun. Run after balls. Catch sticks. Bite postmen. Moving story, 5 stars, wins 17 oscars.

But I would watch this. I’d SO watch this. I might make it now.

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bragi-johnson said: ugh yeah and like even in the rare cases it’s not the guy’s pov the film still totally revolves around the dude mostly anyway and it’s like just calm down, eat a pasty or something woah just chill

I tell you, these dudes need to chill the fuck down about their manic pixie dream girls. They need a dog in their life. 

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bragi-johnson said: and the ‘com’ bit is nearly always really shitty anyway so it’s like :/ why r u trying?

Yeah it’s nearly always non-existent, maybe it’s to make people watch it.

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Seventeen Types, Seventeen Questions

Normal:Do you have any hidden talents?
Fire:Would you consider yourself hot-headed or more even-tempered?
Water:Can you swim? Do you like to swim?
Grass:Would you say you have a green thumb? What have you grown?
Electric:What do you think of thunderstorms?
Flying:How high have you ever been up?
Rock:What is your most precious treasure?
Ground:Are you down to Earth or would you say your head is more in the clouds?
Poison:What is the most disgusting thing you've eaten?
Bug:What is your self-esteem like?
Ice:Do you have to warm up to people you've just met?
Fighting:Do you prefer hand to hand combat or to fight with a weapon?
Psychic:If you could choose telepathy, telekinesis, or precognition, which one would you choose?
Ghost:What are you most afraid of?
Steel:Are you brave or do you easily become nervous or scared?
Dark:Are you street smart?
Dragon:What is your favourite mythological creature?
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bragi-johnson said: I feel that, Rom-Coms make me so uncomfortable?

Yeah they perpetuate that idea that everyone’s gonna fall in “love” and like that’s all you need and it’s such BS. Urgh.

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wasianmodel said: they are all the same to me. I feel like I’ve seen every trailer of every rom com

Yeah I feel like if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all and it sucks. Might as well make it a good one!

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Rom Coms still annoy me though. Especially if Zooey Deschanel is there. 

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well at least i know martin scorsese and quentin tarantino will never disappoint me


never mind

dont worry


tears of joy

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I don’t know because I’m actually enjoying this (500) Days of Summer film tbh guys.

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